Giving her a single orgasm is great, but any women who can climax are capable of doing it again and achieve multiple orgasms.  Multiple orgasms are one of the best biological gifts for women.  Males have a refractory period after an orgasm which is coincided by an ejaculation, the refractory period can be half an hour or more.

Only after the refractory period’s men are able to maintain an erection and get ready for an orgasm.

The refractory period is absent in women, which enables multiple orgasms. But studies suggest that only a few percentages of women only attempt for multiple orgasms in one session of physical relationship.So, how can you give her multiple orgasms, here are a few tips which you will find very effective?

  • Create massive sexual tensions – Creating an increased amount of sexual tension can trigger her for an additional orgasm, building up the desire is of significant importance. Make her comfortable and let her retain the arousal and stimulation which she gained during the first orgasm, keep her horny, keep her excited and by the time you get ready for sex, ensures that she is hungry for sex and is ready for multiple orgasms.
  • Keep her Idling – The clitoris becomes super sensitive after the first orgasm, so give her clitoris rest for a short break, maintain the actions and concentrate on other non-genital spots which cause simulation such as breast, butt and make her feel special and comfortable. Keep her in a semi-arousal state so you don’t have to start from the beginning.
  • Rev it back up -The blood rushes back into the genitals of a woman after her first orgasm, try dirty talk and keep appreciating her by telling how good she did in the first round of intercourse. Try slower and light circling with your finger and tongue around her clitoris and prep her for the next orgasm.
  • Try a new route – There is nothing wrong with experimenting and finding the perfect way to create another orgasm, try different erogenous zones, Aim for her G-spot with more positions such as a woman on top or doggy style. Even nipple stimulation works in few women, another technique is to stimulate the region between her vagina and anus with your tongue.

So, try these expert techniques mentioned above and give her multiple orgasms.