I noticed my local drugstore carried something called Astroglide Natural.

Also a glycerin-free lube, it doesn’t contain any alcohol, fragrance, or flavorings either. Really wanting to try it, I requested a free sample from the Astroglide website. I love it when companies give out free samples.

Pictured above is the little .14 oz (4 mL) sachet of Astroglide Natural they sent me. I wasn’t planning to review this lube based on just a wee sample. I thought I’d try the sample first to make sure the lube didn’t cause any reactions or skin irritation.

Then, if I liked it, I would get a full-size bottle and write a review once I had more experience with it. Well, I’m going to go ahead and write a review on it anyway because I’m that impressed with it.

I realize that “natural” doesn’t automatically mean hypoallergenic or non-irritating. Glycerin is natural, for example, but it wreaks havoc for some of us. The same is true for some parabens.

The packaging is the same curved, flip-top plastic bottle that houses the other varieties of Astroglide lube inside a light brown box and green box. I know this because I’ve seen this lube available for sale at Walgreens, Target, and in the pharmacy department of my local grocery store.

I would love to have this stuff in a pump-top bottle. But, I really want all my lube in a pump-top bottle and say that about any lube that doesn’t come in a one. The nice thing about clear plastic bottles is there’s never any question how much is left.

So, what’s so fantastic about it? Well, my two gripes about Astroglide Green Compare that it’s really runny and tastes awful. Astroglide Natural, while still a bit on the thin side, has a slightly thicker consistency, so it doesn’t drip all over the place and does a better job of staying where I put it.

Water does reactivate it if it starts to dry out, and for this reason, some extra rinsing may be required at clean-up time, but no more than any other water-based lube. It also has a neutral but sweet taste, which is much more preferable than Astroglide Green Cap‘s bitter tang.

I would love to see this in a gel, as I really do prefer thick lubes, but this one lasts a nice long time for a water-based lube. It works well with toys, for masturbation, and vaginal intercourse.

I haven’t tried it for anal play because the sample ran out, and I usually prefer a thicker lube for anal, but this might do fine. It does have methylparaben in it, so it’s not suitable for anyone who is sensitive to parabens, but that’s really the only drawback.