How Ben Wa Balls Can Bring Excitement Into Your Love Life?

Most people in a sexual relationship are always excited with their usual sex activity when they first started the relationship. However, after a while, this excitement dies down and suddenly gives way to boredom, simply because they are tired of their sex life which has never been known to infuse new things since their first time, but has remained just as it was when they started – a routine of a sort.

In order to protect their relationship, people in this kind of situation will frantically search around for any new ways or method which they can use to spice up their sex life. Some of the methods they find will really go a long way, while some other methods are as disastrous as their sex life, to the extent that finding proven methods becomes a problem.

Well, if you are one of those people, you need not look further, because here at vibrating love, we have proven methods that will bring the excitement back into your sex life.

One of the proven methods we would like to bring to your awareness in this article is the excitement that comes from using the Ben Wa Balls. Yes, the Ben Wa Balls.

Things to know about the Ben Wa Balls

The “Ben Wa Balls” have existed for long to the extent that tracing how it originated will require writing another article solely for that purpose. But just so you know, there have been mentions of these balls throughout Asian history.

We know that you are interested in knowing how these balls will bring excitement into your sex life, and sincerely we cannot wait to tell you. So let’s get down to business.

The Ben Wa Balls is a female adult sex toy that comprises of small marble-like balls (but not as small as a marble, a little bigger). These balls are a little bit hollow inside and are joined together by a cord that spaces them equally some centimeters from each other.

There is a handle through which one can hold these balls at one end, and the other end ends with the last of these balls.

These balls have since time immemorial been used to stimulate a woman’s vagina, by pushing them deep into a woman’s vagina, while she on her part would use her Kegel muscle to hold them together inside her vagina.

The following are the advantages that come with using the Ben Wa Balls:

Extreme intensity, stimulating pleasure and incredible enjoyment to the woman.

The perfect foreplay warm up because it will improve the woman’s libido and make her body ready for sex.

Vaginal relaxation for ladies with a tight vagina, and also wetness stimulations. This is because these balls will help in exercising her pelvic floors, tightening her body and easing her pressures.

Using the Ben Wa Balls

The first step for any man acquiring the Ben Wa Balls for his woman is to know and understand the necessary instructions that come with the particular Ben wa balls you are purchasing. This is because they are made in varying forms, with different ball counts and in different shapes and materials. However, this is not to say that there are no general ways through which these devices can be used, and they are:

Make sure your kegel muscles are relaxed and allow more stimulations to your vagina. The essence is to be well lubricated and relaxed. So you may want to use a Vibrator or anything that works for you to achieve this.

Use the Ben wa balls straight up by putting the balls (starting from the last) little by little in your pussy, while holding the handle around your finger.

Stimulate your vagina with these balls. This means you would have your kegel muscles tightened and then with some pressure on the handle of the Ben wa balls, you will push these balls deeper into your pussy. An additional way of getting stimulated is to use a vibrator or anything that will make these balls move while inside your pussy.

Slowly remove these balls from your pussy, adding a little bit of pressure while on the other hand, you would use your PC muscle from stopping them from coming out. Sincerely the excitement you would get will be mind-blowing.

For the total game changer, you can repeat these steps all over again.

How to clean the Ben wa balls

Products of this nature that would go into your body require thorough cleaning before and after each use. This is not to say that you should not take notice of the particular product you want to clean before cleaning it. This is because the materials and designs used by producers of these products are actually different and would, therefore, require different cleaning methods. Some would require a great cleaning effort, while some, on the other hand, would require fewer efforts. Let’s take a look at how you can clean some of these balls:

This is because the materials and designs used by producers of these products are actually different and would, therefore, require different cleaning methods. Some would require a great cleaning effort, while some, on the other hand, would require fewer efforts. Let’s take a look at how you can clean some of these balls:

Metal balls. Balls made and design like this are the easiest to clean of the whole lot. This is simply because they could withstand high temperatures, you know you could just dig them into hot water for proper cleaning and sterilization.

Separate balls. These products having its balls separated are very easy to clean. Just wash them with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, then use water to wash the soap off and after this, dry it.

Balls having strings. These are quite harder to clean unlike those products with separate balls because you have to clean them while focusing your attention on cleaning where the strings and balls are joined together. Just so you know, if you can dig your way around this, then you will find cleaning these balls as easy as cleaning the product with separate balls.

Words from the official orbit: Most of these products come with manuals, so it is safer to follow the instructions in their manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Can a woman use kegel balls while laying down?

Of course, Kegel balls can be used when you are laying a matter of fact, laying down while using kegel balls seems the easiest way out for most people.

FAQ #2: What challenging position will you advise as the best when using kegel balls?

Use it when you are sitting or standing. Believe me, it’s a total game changer because you are contending with gravity and this will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and vagina.

FAQ #3: How can a woman use the ben wa balls during sex?

Ensure she is comfortable using it herself before even daring to use it while having sex. However, people who are vaster using it can use it during sex, as they have mastered the art of using the device.

  • Other tips for using it while having sex.
  • Make use of a very large ball rather than going for many smaller ones.
  • Ensure you are well lubricated before using it.
  • Insert it slowly and not instantly.

While using it, if you notice you are not comfortable, kindly remove it, don’t force it.

Important information: If it is a model that has a string that catches your fancy while having sex, you can use it, but as an advice, I would advise that you avoid those with thick silicone cords but instead go for the thin ones.

FAQ #4: Can a woman really prevent these balls from falling off inside the vagina?

Yes, you can prevent it from falling off, but you would need to ensure that your pelvic muscle is well tight if you are sitting or standing, for it not to fall, else, it’s safer for you to just lay down.

Important notice: If these balls continue to fall off, it may be that you have a device that seems to challenge you a bit so your safest bet would be to go for bigger devices like the plastic-based ball.

FAQ #5: Will it be suitable if I use the Ben wa balls after pregnancy?

The truth is that you can use it after pregnancy, and you should, as a matter of fact, use it after pregnancy. This is because it will not only increase the strength of your pelvic muscle but will also make your vagina elastic again.

Important information: You are expected to have gone through your post-labor recovery and must have gotten your doctor’s consent before you can use the ben wa balls during pregnancy.

FAQ #6: How suitable will it be if I use these balls for vaginal prolapse?

Kindly consult your doctor before trying this.

Be it as it may, it is important to say that doing kegel exercise and using these devices will definitely make your pelvic floor muscles stronger and if this is the case, you might not have to bother about vaginal prolapse again.

FAQ #7: For how long can I leave these balls in my vagina?

You could use it for as many hours as possible, however, it seems that for you to be able to achieve this, you would need to have become an expert user of these toys having built your tolerance level a great deal.

If you want to wear it for longer hours, you can start first by wearing it for five minutes, then increase it to ten minutes if you are already comfortable wearing these balls for five minutes and then continue to increase it like that.

It is important for you to know that your body may react to the fact that you want to wear this toy for long while someone else’s body may not show any reaction. Different strokes, different folks.

FAQ #8: Am I subject to any serious health issues or harm from using these balls?

To be honest with you, you are not prone to any risk when you use these products as you should, and you get the right product as a matter of fact. However, the same cannot be said of counterfeit products and low-quality cheap products.

Also, if you lack proper cleaning and maintenance culture, you may have to contend with irritations, infections, cuts and some allergic reactions.

Words from the official orbit: It is advisable that you purchase those products of high-quality as they are your closest call to a risk-free guarantee.

Now you have all that you need to know about the Ben wa balls, will they bring excitement to your sex life? Surely they would bring the much-needed sensations and make a woman arrive at a stronger orgasm, making your sex life really exciting.

So before you purchase any Ben Wa ball of choice, follow the instructions we gave, go for those balls with high quality and positive reviews from users and get the much-needed excitement you craved for.