It’s no longer news that women fake their orgasms during sex, in fact, 70% of women (as evident in a recent survey) fake their orgasms every now and then.

But for most men, distinguishing between a real orgasm and a fake orgasm can be an impossible task if they don’t know what you are about to learn in this article.

Why do women even fake orgasms?

It’s important for you to understand why she’s faking it in the first place before you can know when she is faking it.

  1. For your ego: Not being able to make a woman climax can lead to insecurity among many men, and women know that. So to make men feel relaxed and feel insecure, some women will fake their orgasms.
  2. Because she is ashamed: Some women think they should orgasms every time they have sex like that of those women in pornography, but it’s not the case (still they fake it). While some women never had an orgasm so the fake it to feel and look a bit more normal (don’t judge).
  3. To get you excited: Women love to be responsible for their men’s climax, and since men always get thrilled from a woman’s orgasm, she’ll fake it for you so that you could have a more powerful climax (it works).

Those are the top 3 reason behind why women fake it, but there are more reasons.

How To Catch Her Faking It?

First and foremost, you need to know that the majority of women don’t get an orgasm just because your penis gets in and out, in most cases, they get it through direct stimulation of their clits or G-Spot.

So while thrusting your penis in and stimulating her clits or G-Spot, you can take a pause while she is “climaxing”, now check if is she stops climaxing or if she keeps on climaxing.

If she keeps on climaxing while you don’t apply any stimulation on her clits or G-Spot, it probably means she is faking it.

It’s always better to get her to orgasm for real with you once before you try to see if she is faking it, it’s just easier that way because you have something to compare it to.

For example, a lot of women get a hot blush showing on her face when they climax (and that’s something that no one can fake).

Another example is that many women get wet down there just before the climax, so if you know that your girl gets’s wet before climax and this time she’s not, it’s another sign you can use.

Having said that, the best bet is to ensure that there is trust between you and your woman, to the extent that she can tell you anything without hurting your ego and turning it into a fight. That way, she’ll not fake her orgasm, and whenever she is having an orgasm, you’ll know it’s the real deal.

A final word about this topic…

I wrote this article because one of our readers emailed me with this question. Personally I think that if your woman fakes it once in awhile you should not care, instead, enjoy the sex and enjoy the fact that she loved making you orgasm even when she doesn’t.

And if your woman never had a real orgasm, then it’s your duty to read all of the tips on this website and bring her the gift of a real orgasm instead of being mad at her because she fakes it with you.

And if she fakes it because you are really bad at sex and you can’t get her to orgasm while other men in her past managed to give her mind-blowing orgasm, then you must read everything on this site and learn how to become the best lover you can be.