OrgasmYou really should get yourself a sex drawer right next to your bed if you don’t have one yet! And if you already have one, here is a list of naughty items that you should put in your drawer and use on a regular basis.

Different Condoms

Condoms are available in different flavors, texture, and size. It’s always nice to keep a wide selection of condoms that you can play with and let your girl choose from. Our top tip when it comes to condoms is to have both latex and non-latex condoms, you should be well equipped with both because some women may prefer condoms with latex and some may be allergic to it.

Mouth Fresheners

Use mints and mouth fresheners to keep your breath pleasant during kissing. Mints are highly recommended, make sure to have different flavors in your sex drawer. You can even ask your partner to take a mint before she performs oral sex on you, this will create an extra cold sensation on your penis, it’s it feels great!

Good Lubrication

The lubricant is another important thing you should store in your sex drawer. Lubricants are used for hand jobs, regular sex and it can also be used for anal penetration (recommended). Massage oil can also be stored if you like to give her massages but make sure to use grape seed oil only!

Books With Sex Positions

You can also store in your sex drawer some books with different sex positions, this is great in case you want to try something new in bed.

It can also be used to turn her on, because talking and thinking about sex always turns people on, and you can use it to get her in the mood for sex that much faster.

Sex Toys For Couples

Sex toys and blindfolds can also find a place in your sex drawer. There are so many things you can buy to spice up your love life, just go to a sex shop and find the toys that turn you on and they things that you would like to try out.

And Some Clean Water!

Water is the most important thing you should always have by your side. It’s important to drink water when you give oral sex and when you add water to a Lubrication gel it gets much more slippery, so use water wisely and enjoy sex like you’ve never before.

To Sum It All Up

Every man should have a sex drawer. You should be proud of your drawer because it’s there to make her have even more fun. Men that don’t invest in their sex drawer really lose out on having really good sex because the six things we told you about here are there to make you love life that much easier.